Dancing Zombies Notable Client List

(Promotions, Production, Decor, Flame Effects, Cryo, DJ, Artist Relations, and or Equipment, Rentals, Sales and Installation)

Tier 2015

    • Orlando Night Club
      • Production Manger
      • Under my management we have installed custom 2 projector video wall and 2 mirrored tvs. We revamp of their lighting system and sound and many other improvements to the venue. Running production for names such as Laid Back Luke, Pete Tong,

HighBeam Events

•Corporate Event Planner Austin TX

      • Custom Decor For multiply projects in and around Austin TX
      • Smart Source 2015
    • Grainger Orlando Convention Center
      • Lead for install of video panels

Focus3d 2014-Present

    • Orlando based national touring corporate entertainment group
      • Video projectionist running live custom mapped 3d visuals for select stops of their tours
      • And provider of skilled labor for many stops of their tours

Vanity Orlando 2014-

    • One of Orlando’s most state of the art night clubs.
      • Head of production operating and maintaining all dj and lighting gear
      • Installed 1650 pixel 3d video wall and DMX controllable rgb recessed lighting

Life in Color Orlando 2013

    • Americans Largest Paint Party Tour Orlando
      • Supplied Labor crew of 20 riggers, fork ops, electrician, stage hands and truck loaders.

Moonrise Music Festival 2014

    • Large EDM music festival based in Baltimore Md with 15000 in attendance
      • Installation of 2 large 40×40 decor / shade canopies

Bonnaroo 2012

    • Multi Genre Music festival with over 80000 in attendance in TN
      • Assisting Green pod 3 by teaching sustainable living to attendees and managing The Run Bus stage

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2011

    • Hosted by Insomniac Inc. one of the largest dance music promoters in the country. The festival had over twenty thousand audience
      • Custom built daisy decor and lighting installation for their main stage

Ultra Music Festival 2010-2011

    • Largest east coat electric dance music festival in the country with over hundred thousand attendees
      • Promotions, custom decor for the Eco Village stage in 2010 and performing DJ 2010-2011

Sunset Music Festival 2012 and 2014-2015

    • Over 2000 in attendance a EDM Festival hosted by Disco Donnie Presents in Tampa Florida.
      • 2012 40×40 Truss Mega Structure adding decor and shade in a classy way many with high visibility at night
      • 2014 Helped facilitate with EMA, classes and recycling programs to teach sustainable living to patrons
      • 2015 Decor large 80×80 decor installation in conjunction with Delira inc and inflatable with Wild Child inc

Sun City Music Festival 2012

    • Over 30,000 in attendance at a EDM Festival hosted by Disco Donnie Present in El Paso TX
      • 20×80 Truss Mega Structure adding decor and shade in a unique manner with high visibility at night

Something Wicked 2012-2013

    • Over 9,000 in attendance EDM Festival hosted by Disco Donnie Presents in Houston TX
      • 2012 Halloween decor and Up lighting a forest with over 200 RGB LEDs
      • 2013 Custom built Halloween decor and props

Magnetic Music Festival 2013

    • EDM Festival hosted by Disco Donnie Presents in Atlanta
      • Assisted with Delira decor installation and projection mapping install for main stage

BAD ASS RAVES 2010-Present

        • Broke ASS DJ Association a large event production company hosts club and outdoor festivals in the dc area.
          • Decor installations for their club event in 2010 and outdoor festival in 2011 and performing DJ VJ in their out door festival
          • Decor Installation in Baltimore 2012
          • Decor Installation DMT 3 in VA 2012
          • Decor Installation Psychedelic DreamScape Echo Stage DC 2013
          • Decor Installation DMT 4 in VA 2013
          • Decor Installation Big Dub anual music festival in Pa 2013-2015

Vizion 1 Entertainment 2013-2014

        • Orlando Based Production Company
          • Production Management audio video lighting rentals and special fx
          • Swanky Tunes at the Beacham Orlando Lighting and Trussing rentals
          • Colombia independence day in Orlando Lighting staging and audio rentals
          • Machine Gun Kelly at Firestone Live Orlando Audio Reinforcement
          • Nicole Maunder at Roxy Audio Reinforcement
          • Thomas Gold at The Ritz Ybor Tampa and The Beacham Orlando led wall, lighting , cyro confetti

Firestone Live Orlando 2013

        • One of Orlando’s Largest live music venues / night clubs
          • Head of production operating and maintaining all dj and lighting gear for countless major national acts
          • Hiring of all other techs to run the venue o Installed custom 3 projector video wall o Built custom 3d projection surfaces

KMFDM North American Tour Support 2011

        • Managed Human Factors Lab while on tour openingforKMFDM on their 26 day 25 city North American tour
          • Running sound and custom-built lighting, video, merchandise and finances for Human Factors Lab while on tour.

Loft 55 Orlando 2012- 2013

        • Orlando based tapas restaurant and lounge
          • Head of production operating and maintaining all dj and lighting gear.

The Station 2012-2013

        • Orlando based sports bar and nightclub.
          • Head of production operating and maintaining all gear of the nightclub portion of the venue.
          • Installation, sales, design and maintenance of all club lighting and video equipment. Installed 20 tvs around bar with custom built mounts .

Roxy 2012

        • Orlando Based Nightclub, Lighting and Sound Technicians operating and maintaining gear at the night club
          • Equipment Rentals for Smile For Camera weekly event TakeOvr, since 2011
          • Equipment Rental and Confetti Evolve Group

Bliss Ultra Lounge 2012

        • Head of production operating and maintaining all gear at the night club
          • Promoter and Production Manager for a weekly night with additional decor and visuals Visual Bass

DUB FACTORY 2011- 2013

  • Large event Production Company in Orlando Fl primarily focused in Dubstep

o Cdj, decor, art, lighting, lasers, staging and video design, rental and installation for numerous different weekly events, and music festivals in the Orlando area.

Franks Front Row 2012

    • Daytona Based Venue
      • Lighting and Video Design, rental and Operation for artist like DJ Star Scream from Slipknot, and Saliva
      • Weekly Dubstep shows at Franks Front Row Daytona

Zenith Lighting 2012-

    • Large Lighting and Video Rental house
  • On call shop work maintaining lighting and video systems inventory orders coming in and out, loading and unloading trucks.
  • On call lighting technician
    • Universal corporate event lighting installation and teardown

Bar One 2012

    • Orlando based night club
      • Speaker repairs and assisting of tuning and rewiring of sound system
      • Promoter and Production Manager for a weekly night with additional decor and visuals Visual Bass

The Abbey 2011

    • Orlando based off broad way theater and lounge
      • Mixed Audio and set up lighting for The Altar Boyz.

Bikurri 2011

    • Orlando sushi bar and night club
      • Lighting design and sales

The Quad Spring 4th  ATL 2011-2012

    • The Tundra Large warehouse style event with over thousand guests 2011
      • Custom built winter decor installation and lighting
    • Electric New Years 2012
      • Video and decor Installation

Afterburn, FL 2010

    • Hosted by burnt Oranges a registered regional burning man event with six hundred participants
      • Custom decor installation utilizing video and lighting and performing DJ

Orb Festival 2009

    • Large out-door music festival with an international line up hosted by Aladdin Group with one thousand five hundred guests held in Afton NY.
      • Provide promotion assistance in Orlando, and the DC Area, assisted with site preparation and decor installation..

Panorama 2010

    • DC based event production company hosting events in some of the largest venues in the dc area
      • Managed 20 person street team in the VA, DC and Baltimore area.

3D Productions 2009-2010

    • DC based event production company
      • Managed fifteen-person street team in the VA, DC and Baltimore area for 7000 capacity venue

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